Tweet, read emails, play games, download apps from GOOGLE PLAY and watch TV Channels and movies from all over the world!

All on your existing HDMI enabled TV!

How does the UN1TY app work?

Download the UN1TY app from your mobile app stores or visit our download page to get the APPs for your PCs, MACs and Android devices.  Start your APP, create and account and login to start viewing immediately. For viewers in Africa, select your TELCO/ISP icon from the Service Provider menu (if available) and this would enable you watch your TV channels or movies without consuming all your data-allocation.  Load credits in your in-app wallet to rent videos or pay for premium content from UN1TY.

What is the UN1TY SMART STICK?

WORK & PLAY from your TV set!. The UN1TY SMART stick is an HDMI TV device that turns your TV set into a computer.


Tweet, read emails, play games, download apps from GOOGLE PLAY and oh yes, watch TV Channels and movies from all over the world! The UN1TY SMART stick on first-use will set up the UN1TY app for your device so you do not miss your favourite African & Caribbean movies and TV channels. Take a UN1TY SMART stick with you on holiday and turn any HDMI TV into your personal TV or PC. The UN1TY SMART stick also comes with a wireless keyboard/Mouse as shown in the image on the right side of this page. 

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Does UN1TY stream directly to TV?

Channels and movies on UN1TY can be watched directly on your HDMI-enabled TV using the UN1TY HDMI TV device available from the OH Shop. The UN1TY platform is also available on multiple devices and can be sent to TV via CHROMECAST on some of these devices.  Some SAMSUNG, LG or HiSENSE SMART TVs will also be launching the UN1TY app in their shops and so will be available directly from your TV. Watch out for the game console launches in October 2014.

Can I watch UN1TY on more than one device at a time?

YES, you can login to the same account simultaneously on two devices. UN1TY is a secure platform and will only allow two simultaneous same-user instances. Attempts at multiple logins may automatically invalidate your account.

Why are some channels NOT WORKING?

Some channels are geographically-restricted and so may not be available in your region e.g. we are not licensed for AIT in the UK and you will also need to pay for the Nollywood UK channel if you are based in UK and Ireland. OHTV UK works in the UK and Europe but not in Africa and the USA and so the OHTV feeds for the other regions should be used instead.


1. Start the App
2. Login
3. Select TV or TV channels
4. Select (Add) TV Channels or ALL BUNDLES (for mobile devices)
5. Select Subscription preference (1, 3, 6 or 12 months)
6. Go back to your channels list and you should have all the channels (or refresh for mobile devices)

How does the subscription billing work?

The app is FREE to download on any device of your. Your channel subscription starts automatically on payment and will expire after the selected billing period. It is cheaper to subscribe for multiple months in one transaction.

What can I watch for FREE on UN1TY?

Most TV channels are available to watch once you register and login to the platform. Some premium channels will only be available in some regions via subscription. Some of our onDemand content is available for free with some priced affordably. The more subscribers on the platform, the cheaper we can afford to make our content and so please remember to TELL SOMEBODY about UN1TY!

Is UN1TY available in Africa?

You can view UN1TY from any territory in the world. We are also launching the platform via TELCOs and ISPs to ensure that you are not paying excessively for the data usage. Ideally, you will be able to select your TELCO/ISP from our SELECT PROVIDER page when you login to the app.

What genres of movies are available on UN1TY?

UN1TY has Comedy, Drama, Romance, Thrillers and wide variety of other genres available to watch.

Can I watch UN1TY without wireless?

The UN1TY app works with your internet but will play movies that are already SAVED on your HDMI device.
Other UN1TY-supported devices include SMART Mobile Phones ( IOS, Android, some BBs), SMART TVs (LG, SAMSUNG & Hi SENSE), PCs, MACs, Kindle and the UN1TY SMART stick (HDMI TV Device).
Don't "DULL", get SMART with your TV today! 
Also look out for our app release on the usual game consoles (PS, Wii and XBOX)

How can I purchase content on UN1TY?

Login to the app, go to the VoD/onDemand section, search for the content you require by name of actors, name of film, producer and you will get a list of related content. Select the movie you want and pay for it using your existing credits from your in-app wallet. Content purchased from the app are on a rental basis and will be available for 2 months if not clicked but will expire 48 hours after your first click. Please read the content description as some content may not be available for viewing in your region due to license restrictions.


Your wireless remote control comes with a USB dongle in the battery compartment. Remove the dongle and plug in to your HDMI device. Insert 3 x AAA batteries into your remote handset and you should now be able to control your UN1TY device.

Why is my SMARTSTICK showing 4 Penguins on my TV screen?

The four Penguins are an indication of the wrong power supply to the device.
Please change the power supply to the unit supplied with your device or plug the USB cable into your TV USB port.
The TV USB power works if using a SAMSUNG or LG TV and may not work on some TV sets.

How is the UN1TY device different from other Android HDMI devices?

There are “cheaper alternatives” out there but unless you know what you are buying, you will end up with a dual-core processor and these dual-core devices are not powerful enough to process “heavier” video streams and users tend to see, lip-sync , over-heating, video-freeze and WiFi connectivity problems. The UN1TY SMART stick is a QUAD-CORE device and it eliminates a high percentage of these issues once correctly-installed. The UN1TY SMART stick also comes with BLUETOOTH and a wireless keyboard/mouse.

Can I watch my African TV Channels in Spain / USA?

The UN1TY SMART stick comes with the UN1TY app which enables you connect to the African and Caribbean TV and Movie service from anywhere in the world. The app works as long as you are internet connected and any restrictions observed will only be due to content-licensing for that region. You will also be able to view other browser-based TV and movie services as long as they are not geo-restricted from your current location.

Do I need to buy a keyboard for the Smart stick?

The UN1TY HDMI TV (SMART stick) dongle comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse and so its ready to go. The wireless mouse/keyboard plugs into the SMART stick USB port and the SMART stick plugs into your TV HDMI port. Select the HDMI channel on your TV (using your TV remote) and then you will see the SMART stick interface on your TV. Now control the SMART stick with your included wireless keyboard/mouse.

Does the UN1TY SMART stick support BBC iPlayer?

YES, our SMART stick functions like a PC or MAC and so will work with most browser-based TV and Movie services including BBC iPlayer, YOUTUBE, IROKO, NETFLIX, IBAKA, FILMoN and more. Video-streaming always requires a reliable internet connection and so please ensure your SMART stick has a good WiFi connection to avoid video delays and excessive buffering

How do you control Android on the UN1TY SMART-stick screen?

You use a mouse and keyboard just like a PC. The UN1TY SMART stick comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse

Is the UN1TY SMART stick bluetooth-enabled?

YES and it can also be tethered to your other phones/tablets for internet access especially in places without ready WI-Fi

Does the UN1TY SMART stick support Miracast?

If you install the necessary app on the UN1TY SMART stick and the same on your wirless device it does

Can I use a usb to Ethernet on this?

Yes you can but we do not advise that you do this. Our hardware is robust and deliberately sized to make it easily portable, hence the WiFi rather than an ethernet port.

How long is the warranty on the SMART stick?

UN1TY TV offers a 1-year warranty on all products sold.

Can I use my TV remote to operate the SMART stick and how do you tune-in channels?

No you cannot. The SMART stick opens your existing TV set to a new world of services available via the internet and it comes with a portable wireless keyboard and mouse. Imagine it like a android tablet screen but non touch and on your TV. Each service will have its access to the channels and so will not require tuning.

Do I need to have laptop or pc to use the SMART stick?

No as all you need to do is plug the device straight into the HDMI slot in your TV.

Can I watch BT sports from the UN1TY SMART stick?

Yes you can watch MOST browser-based services if you are NOT within the restricted geographical locations. Most UK channels generally work only in the UK and so the services WILL NOT play once you are outside the UK.

Is the SMART stick HDMI output configurable as my TV's HDMI input will not recognise 1080P?

Yes the UN1TY SMART stick allows you to switch resolutions

What about AUDIO output for the SMART stick?

HDMI contains audio as well as video output.If you connect via HDMI to your TV it will deliver audio as well as video.

Can apps be installed from "Unknown Sources" other than the Play Store?

Yes you can install other apps. As a default, the device is set not to install apps from “unknown sources” but this can be disabled in the Android settings.

Can I extend my Windows PC desktop wirelessly onto a TV using the SMART STICK?

Yes you can using Android apps like VNC Viewer to connect to your Windows PC.

Can I use an internet dongle pay as you go device with the UN1TY SMART stick?

You will need Android-drivers for your pay-as-you-go device installed on your SMART stick and this can be tedious. We would advise instead that you connect your pay-as-you-go device to your laptop and then use the internet sharing function on your laptop/PC to connect your SMART stick to the Internet.

Does this come preloaded with the app so you can watch movies, new releases etc?

The UN1TY SMART stick comes with the default android app and the UN1TY TV and movies APP. You can also download other apps from the store in the usual way you would any other android device.

Can you watch Sky Go on the UN1TY SMART stick?

You can install and run then app on the SMART stick and add it to your devices so it works with your SKY account.

Why is there NO SOUND while watching the videos?

If you are using an IOS device (iPhone/iPad), flick the mute-switch on the top-left side of your device and this should
un-mute live sound. Thanks for using the app.

Will the UN1TY USB enable me watch all your movies without having to buy points?

The UN1TY dongle is a HDMI (not USB) SMARTSTICK that allows you to watch our titles and channels on your TV.
It also turns your TV into a SMART TV if you have an HDMI port on it (most flatscreen TVs have this).
One of the apps on the SAMARTSTICK is the UN1TY app and so you will still have to pay for the non-free items.

Do I need to subscribe after buying the UN1TY Smartstick?

All TV channels are currently available for free as we have done for 3 years.
From April 2015, some live TV channels will only be available as part of a bundle.
Some movies are available for free in the VoD/onDemand while some are available for purchase.
Load up your credits wallet and spend these credits for movies and/or TV bundles as you please.

Can you watch Sky Go on the UN1TY SMART stick?

You can install and run then app on the SMART stick and add it to your devices so it works with your SKY account.

Why is there NO SOUND while watching the videos?

If you are using an IOS device (iPhone/iPad), flick the mute-switch on the top-left side of your device and this should
un-mute live sound. Thanks for using the app.